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Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspirational Nugget of the Day: To Infinity and Beyond

Soon enough, Star Wars won't be just science fiction.

The beginnings of intergalactic space travel? The start of habitation on other planets? A metaphorical quest to reach a star?

I especially love that they asked science fiction authors to be on the panels for this conference. Imagintion FTW.


Samantha Vérant said...

Aw, man! They're not signing up crew members!!

Wyman Stewart said...

Speaking of infinity, you might like (or dislike) these books:

1.) The Infinite Cosmos by Joseph Silk Oxford University Press 2006 pages 256 (Silk also wrote the famous book The Big Bang.)

2.) To Infinity and Beyond: A Cultural History to the Infinite by Eli Maor Princeton University Press 1991 softcover; pages 284

3.) One Two Three...Infinity by George Gamow The Viking Press 1961 pages 340 (Might call it the grand-daddy of infinity books.)

Probably have one or two more in my library hidden in infinite spaces beyond my reach at the moment, but these will take you on an infinite voyage, if you dare.

Look up Project Orion and/or Freeman Dyson (of Dyson Sphere fame), and for infinity, his metaphysical book Infinite In All Directions.

Hope I've helped. If not you, then any budding Science Fiction writers who happen upon your blog.

Now, live long and prosper. Infinitely long if you are waiting for the article you linked to, to become fact.