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Thursday, April 14, 2011


So this is me. Posting MORE BLOGS.

Knowing me and all my, well, Sara-ness, it will be metaphysically impossible (and even a bit theologically impossible, maybe even *gasp* anatomically impossible) (no I'm not just throwing fancy words around) for me to post MORE BLOGS without a set schedule and certain expectations for set schedule. Because I'm like that. This being the case, I must come up with certain topics that can be talked about on a weekly basis without becoming as overdone as love triangles.


So, my schedule o' Topics.

Mondays: M is for Marketing -- In which I selfishly promote some book that I am either SUPER SUPER excited about or LOVED LOVED AND ADORED. Or both.

Wednesdays: What am I Writing? The Wedneday Word -- In which I keep myself motivated to actually, you know, write by holding myself accountable to all ya'll with tales of writing wonder or woe. And the overuse of the letter "w."

As I go on, I may add days to the schedule if I come across topics I just must talk about. But until then, this is what you may expect. Be excited.


Kathryn Rose said...

All right! I like it when writers have topics devoted to certain days. Looking forward to it! :)

Aurora Smith said...

super rad! come on then! :)

Renee Collins said...

Blogging can be a major chore, but I think it helps a lot to have a schedule. So, good thinking! Looking forward to more posts. :)

Jill Hathaway said...

I'm very excited! Yay!

K. M. Walton said...

A schedule sounds brilliant to me! Perhaps I should try that out at some point....

Unknown said...

glad you're back!

Wyman Stewart said...

Sounds dreadfully boring!

So, I will be back regularly, now that I have a schedule of expectations.

Whatever happened to love-circles; love-squares; love-rectangles; love-trapezoids; love-spheres, etc.? Oh, forgot love-line and love-point! Ever since Einstein came along and used gravity to bend everything out of shape, love hasn't been the same. (Have a nice day.)

Mercy, Love Can Make You Happy.

Sara B. Larson said...

Sounds good! Excited to see what's in store.