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Sunday, November 7, 2010

ISPAW -- The Final Party Extravaganza

Well, "extravaganza" isn't really the right word. I've decided to make this party more like a small gathering of close friends and family. Something simple yet elegant; sophisticated yet understated; suave yet glam. I don't even know if that last one is possible.


Today is the final ISPAW celebration. Seeing as yesterday was STREAM PIRATE's "actual" birthday (hey, moms have birthday parties for their kids on the wrong days ALL THE TIME.), I have in store for you some simple delicacies to whet any lingering pirate desires.

Lu: That sounded dirty.

Please, Lu. There are guests present.

Lu: They were thinking it. I just said it.

Since I revealed to all ya'll the official stream pirate flag a few days ago, I figured the only way to top such a revelation of visual excellence would be to offer up a newly revised product of my Massively Insane STREAM PIRATE Revisions of 2010 (working title). It does, I must say, kick butt.

Arachne: It'd kick more butt if I was in it. But no. You just HAVE to show a scene without me.

Yazoo: Go make me a net, Arachne.

Arachne: I'll make you something...

Lu: Was that supposed to be a threat? Are you THREATENING my MAN? Oh, it is SO on.

Arachne: On like the River Long.

Lu: Cleverness will not save you!

Arachne: But running will.

*Arachne dives out a side window*

Lu: You were saying, Sara?

You're not going after her?

Lu: Why?

Good point. Now. The excerpt! This introduces you to a character previously unmentioned -- the incomparable Lord Milo Vesic, court playboy and all-around bad boy of Radial Stream. It's an excerpt from chapter one, so you shouldn't be too lost.

Alluvium and I lingered by the staircase until Dad had led our guests out of the reception hall. Once they had been fully swallowed by the violins, my brother groaned.

“Sweet sediment, did that boy eat the suitor who was supposed to come?”

I smiled. “He isn’t that large.”

Alluvium puckered his lips as if in deep thought. “They’re getting fatter. You should stop seeing them. Now. Before one sinks a steamboat.”

“That’d be a lovely story for the grandbabies,” I said. “Grandpap and I were married on a warm fall day shortly after he recovered from his tragic steamboat-destruction incident–”

A shadow slid down the staircase, a mesh of black from head to toe with no regard or desire to be anything but dark. I flicked my attention away from Alluvium and fought a shiver. The shadow, seeing my attention on him, shot upright, smiling like my presence was the most refreshing thing in the world. Believing that smile had been the downfall of many.

“Princess,” Lord Milo Vesic purred, coming the rest of the way down the staircase.

Alluvium spun on him, voice squeaking like he’d been caught in some naughty act. “Lord Vesic.”

My eyebrows shot up, but neither of them seemed to think Alluvium’s embarrassed reaction to Milo was weird. Milo took my hand and pressed a kiss into it, lingering a bit too long. I jerked away.

“Lord Vesic.” I nodded. “I was under the impression you wouldn’t be attending this year’s ball.”

Milo straightened and swept the hair off his copper forehead, adding the wink and genteel smile that had seduced at least thirty known courtier women and two known courtier men. “And miss seeing you? I couldn’t resist.”

I tightened my lips into a scowl. “Flattering. Save it for someone with bigger endowments.”

Milo’s face flashed with amusement. At least he fought dropping his eyes to my chest. “Noted, milady. I heard the ball has begun?”

Thanks for celebrating ISPAW again this year! On behalf of my unruly cast of characters, I salute you. *salutes*


Renee Collins said...

Sara, I just have to say, you are one talented writer. That snippet of Stream Pirate is fantastic!!

Yay for ISPAW! :)

Adam Heine said...

"Sweet sediment..."

So awesome.

Dara said...

I love this scene! I can clearly get an idea of all the characters' personalities in just this little snippet.

Unknown said...

Oooh I sort of love this. Moar Pleeze.

Samantha Vérant said...

I've always loved this. Loved. Loved. And still love. How's that for a whole lotta love!