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Friday, November 5, 2010

ISPAW Days 3 & 4

Lu has something to show all of you. She's VERY excited by it, mainly because she knows just how much it will piss off Arachne.

Lu: Show it! Show it!

Why do you like pissing off Arachne so much?

Lu: Don't even pretend you don't. I have a list of scenes that would be much, much less funny if Arachne wasn't pissed off.

Touche. Onward!

Lu found this video on YouTube. Behold:

Lu: *giggles*

Arachne: That is NO LAUGHING MATTER, Alluvial. I'd expect you of all people to know just how unfunny that is.

Lu: *snorts*

Arachne: It's dangerous! The threat is real! Aside from the CTD, the only thing more dangerous is--

*window creaks*

Arachne: What was that?

Lu: If the voices in your head start telling you to hurt people--

Arachne: Dam it up, Lulu. I will stab you with my weaving needles!

Lu: Bring it, weaver-girl!

*Arachne lunges at Lu*

*window creaks again*

*Arachne stops*

Arachne: Seriously...I don't feel right...

Ninja: At last. We meet.

Arachne: HOLY EROSION! Run, Lu! Run!

Lu: But...he's short. And he's wearing a-- bathrobe?

Ninja: It's a gi. Get it right.

Lu: Looks like a bathrobe to me. And slippers?

Ninja: I will kill you slowly.

Lu: Don't overexert yourself. Hate for you to rip your nighties.

Arachne: You're not making this any better, Lu. Ninjas and pirates have been enemies since--

Lu: Since the pirates interrupted the ninjas' beauty sleep?

Ninja: Ninjas don't get beauty sleep.

Lu: Obviously.

Arachne: Lu!

Lu: You gonna fight him or what?

Arachne: It'd be my pleasure. I have looked forward to the day when I could cross blades with a ninja.

Ninja: Blades? Um. I only brought throwing stars.

Arachne: What?

Ninja: Hard to sneak in through window with a sword. Um. Give me ten minutes.

*Ninja runs out the door*

Arachne: ...

Lu: One more time!

Arachne: I'll let him kill you.

Lu: He's probably taking a nap.


Natalie Whipple said...

*glares* I really liked Lu up until this moment.

Jill Hathaway said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, I LOVE ARACHNE!!! You think up such cool characters.