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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Utah Saga: Part the Second

The second part of my Utah Saga of Awesome begins with a clue.

Cupcakes? In a bookstore? I knew I liked this state.

Pink frosted cupcakes in a bookstore can only mean one thing:


Look at us, all excited and stuff.

The signing was at a teeny bookstore in Salt Lake City called the King's English. It's one of those freakishly adorable house-turned-Indie-bookstores that has a maze of at least 20 different rooms, each with multiple book themes. I lost Natalie twice.

The actual signing was on the patio, where we waited with bated breath for:

HOLY BLEEP, the quilt! The quilt!

Kiersten was there too. And she had a book, or something?

BLEEP PART DEUX! A matching purse!

Much to my chagrin, neither the quilt, the zebra-print book purse, or that a-freakin'-dorable little girl in the background were for sale. Blast Kiersten and her luckiness.

Kiersten explained a bit about PARANORMALCY, did a reading...

Vampires! Tasey! Chaos!

...and answered questions. After which we all mad-dashed back into the bookstore because this was waiting for us:


But one of the many upsides of this predicament was the opportunity to converse with all of the people in line, who turned out to be mainly Bloggers of Epic Epicness. I felt like such a groupie, meeting all these people I'd admired from afar for so many years.

"You're a REAL PERSON?! No way! Me TOO!"

And, after much chatting and giggling and maneuvering around that teeny bookstore (shout-out to the poor bookstore girl who had the daunting task of keeping us crazy writer/blogger/book fans in check!), I finally made it to THE table, where I met THE Kiersten (again), who signed THE book. Or, you know, ONE of THE books.

AND I snagged a couple of AWESOME kt literary client swag from the table:

Are bookmarks swag? I'm calling them swag.

Whew! All kinds of excitement! Gotta take a breath.

Pop on back tomorrow for Utah Saga: Part the Third, or Utah Saga: Part with the Stuff that Wouldn't Fit Anywhere Else.


Jill Wheeler said...

This is so exciting! Love all the pictures!

Ezmirelda said...

Wow! You must've had a blast.
I absoluetely loved reading paranormalcy. :)

Sara B. Larson said...

The signing was so fun! And yes, TKE is small and crowded (and hot on that particular day) but such a fun, iconic store in UT.

Mariah Irvin said...

It must be awesome to meet other bloggers! I, myself, haven't ever met a bloggy friend, but there's always time!

Samantha Vérant said...

What's this Anna and the French Kiss??? LOL How cute is your yellow hat, we'll call it a beret, by the way! I smell a contest...one where a lucky person (me) wins a copy of Paranormalcy b/c they live in France and don't like reading on an e-reader. What can I say? Pages feel good. Like kittens.

K. M. Walton said...

Love that photo of you and Kiersten at the end. You obviously had a wonderful time...thanks for sharing because it makes me feel like I was there. Sort of.

Dara said...

So jealous!! You are the only blogging friend I've met thus far but I hope to remedy that someday.