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Monday, May 3, 2010


While I was working tonight, a storm rolled in.

Well, "rolled in" is an understatement. It more like surged in. Great masses of roiling gray-white clouds that barreled ahead of a darkness darker than night. And suddenly everything was black and cold and waiting, waiting, waiting. No rain. No noise. Just waiting.

It was amazing.

I started thinking about why it was amazing. Why I just stood at the door and watched the wind throw dust around the parking lot and shove shopping carts into trees. Storms are so untameable. Uncontrollable. One of the few things left in this world that man hasn't found a way to manipulate. It just IS, and it doesn't apologize, and it doesn't bow to man's great demands. It IS when it wants to be, and not a moment sooner or later. No one has found a way to stop it.

Can we be like that?

Can we be so determined, so here, so utterly ALIVE that people don't even try to control us? So MUCH that people can't force their manipulations on us? They can try. Pollution and all that sure does affect the weather patterns, and then there's that whole ozone thing, and melting ice caps, etc etc. People can inadvertently affect weather, as they can inadvertently affect us. Destroy us. But can we have the determination to surge through anyway?

I was in complete awe of it. That storm. Any storm, really. They always take my breath away. So much anger and power and beauty, and it doesn't apologize. I think we all want that. To live unapologetically. To exist. Period.


Wyman Stewart said...

They're farther along on creating weather and controlling certain aspects of it, than you know. Sorry I don't have the website link handy, but it might scare you as much as the storm you describe, if you went to "their" website. It's us (USA), if that makes you feel any better.

As for your second question, which I describe as being driven, I think the answer is YES. There are some people who seem to be so driven, they succeed in their goals, no matter what obstacles are placed in their way. Might Nelson Mandela be one such person? But, I believe you are not speaking of the Mandelas of the world. I can't name anyone right now, unless I wish to cite Hitler, who thankfully was stopped. I am sure there have been positive role models for what you suggest, but I do think it requires a focus and a vision that might strike a person as "fate."

Great comparison and great questions. I could spend 8 hours or more thinking on and researching all this, but I need to move on to other things. Thank you for making me stop and think.

(The word verification is "spoctsy", which said right, reminds me of Spock, which reminds me of logic, which leads to philosophical questions, like yours. Ironic.)

Tahereh said...

wow what a powerful post! so much to think about... :)

thanks for sharing -- best of luck with everything :D