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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It won't let me go!

Found something else that made me start thinking of Wintergirls again. Okay, seriously, this book is starting to stalk me.

Aside from the fact that Rob Thomas CANNOT act to save his life and reminds me of the lead singer of Creed from way back when (who also ruined his music videos through his over dramatic facial expressions), and aside from the fact that this song is altogether too upbeat for the whole girl-encased-in-ice dynamic, the imagery totally fits Wintergirl. So basically just watch the video on mute and ignore Rob Thomas.


Kate said...

I watched it on mute. I haven't read Wintergirls though so I can't tell whether or not it would fit in with the story :)

lisa and laura said...

The imagery of a wintergirl is just so perfect for that book, isn't it? A girl frozen in time, unable to move forward or backward because of her sickness.

Damn, that book was just so well done.