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Friday, March 27, 2009

Fantastic Friday!

Ow, my mouth. No more wisdom teeth. I feel so -- empty.

Fantastic Thing-that-happened-in-the-past-week #1) I WON something! Me! I feel so honored. Bring on the cookies!

Thing #2) I have two super, super awesome vacation stories. Are you ready? Because they're pretty hardcore.

Vaca Story #1: My mom, sis, and I stayed in a hotel in Frankenmuth, Michigan. There's an outlet mall outside of Frankenmuth, and we're girls, so you know. So we're going to said outlet mall by way of a really really long country road when we notice the approaching line of traffic has -- stopped. Dead stop. We get closer and closer until we see the cause of the Michigan traffic jam: a goose. A very, very, VERY angry goose that is trying to attack the front car in the line of backed-up traffic. Though the people in that car may not have thought it was very funny, my mom, sis, and I started busting up laughing. We drive away, still giggling, and after an hour and a half at the outlet mall (all the stores were outside and it was cold) we start driving back. We get to the goose-attack spot of the road and the traffic jam is STILL THERE. The goose is STILL trying to attack cars, an hour and a half later. But now there are some men running around, chasing the goose, trying to do God-knows-what with it to get it off the road. The goose leaves its car victims to attack the men, which is even funnier, and by the time one man catches the goose by the neck, I can't see anything, I'm laughing so hard. The man drags the goose off the road with one of those "Um...What now?" looks as everyone else drives away, applauding.

But as we drive away, I sigh, shrug, and say, "If someone had just answered the goose's riddle, none of this would've happened."

(Don't worry; my mom and sis didn't think my response was very funny either.)

Vaca Story #2: Mom, sis, and I are waiting for our food in a little family eatery place. The back door opens and a family comes in with a little girl, 6 at most, leading the way. She stops at our table, grins, and holds up her declothed Ken doll before declaring "I have a NAKED KEN!" and bursting into giggles. Her dad, embarassed, picks her up and shakes his head. "She's very proud she got all his clothes off on the drive over here," he says and walks away. The girl is still beaming, still waving Ken around for the entire restaurant to see. If I could ever feel such a pride in something as the pride that little girl felt for her naked Ken doll, my life would be complete.

Thing #3) My sister, God love her, has become so known for her misuse of the English language that we have started calling her sayings Melinda-isms. So for your reading pleasure, I offer a Melinda-ism from Thursday:

Melinda: I'm going to move to North Carolina.
Mom: Really? And just who do you think will support you there?
Melinda: Brittany. She'll think it's a good idea.
Mom: *sigh*

7 posts until Sara's 100th Blog Post Extravaganza begins! Are you ready?


Natalie Whipple said...

Oh, naked Ken...that's priceless. Made my day. You take care of your wisdom-toothless-self.

Sara Raasch said...

I'm trying. Lots of pudding, popsicles, and jell-o.

lisa and laura said...

If you're ever in the mood for a story, ask Laura about the trainwreck that was me post-op after getting my wisdom teeth removed. It was not pretty.

Take care of yourself!

Ooh, and can't wait to see the 100th blog post extravaganza!!

K. M. Walton said...

Shopping is simply the best - especially when you shop with people you love!

Hope your mouth feels better soon.

Sara Raasch said...

Thanks, all :) My head is starting to not resemble an Orc anymore, which is good.