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Monday, April 29, 2013



Well, a YouTube channel, but that's close enough. Right? Right.

I've taken over the OneFour YouTube Channel today, talking about inspiration, SNOW LIKE ASHES, and my secret shames. Feel free to head over there and mock me shamelessly for just how absurd I am on video.

NOTE THE FIRST: My plan is to post a video to the OneFour YouTube Channel on the last Monday of every month, thereby partaking in all of the monthly YouTube topics, in case you just can't get enough of my ridiculosity. Yes, that's a word.

NOTE THE SECOND: If you REALLY DO want more of my ridiculosity, check out the Valentine's this Friday when I'll do a Cupid's Arrow that involves lavender, inappropriate conversation, and exploding hot chocolate.


L.T. Elliot said...

You did a great job, Sara. You were so cute and fun and funny. And personally, I think it's cool that you have an Anastasia music box. ;)

Kathryn Rose said...

YOU ARE SUPER ADORABLE AND I LOVE YOUR SHIRT. Also, I might still know Anastasia by heart. <3

Jillian Schmidt said...

Spinning frisbees of death! Rejection stack of doom with happy ending! Dictionaried! My candle! Wanting it more than it sucks!
This video made me all kinds of exclamation point happy (and desperate to road trip to Utah right now despite still not having a car). I can't wait for Friday!

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Good job! You're so cute. :)