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Sunday, July 26, 2009

No Excuse

Sorry, I was away on business. You understand.

What? You-- you don't understand? Well, actually, I had to...um...wash my hair.

Nope? Still not good enough? I-- um-- my dog ate my laptop.

Sympathy, but still not good enough? Gosh, tough crowd.

I-- hm. We-- nope. It all just-- ah, shucks. All right, all right, I cede to you people. I have no excuse for not blogging for 2.5 weeks. None whatsoever. I am a horrifically inconsistent blogger with a pension for staring at blank blog posts and then deciding I really have nothing exciting to say. And I'm not saying that to be humble. I really, honestly, had NOTHING exciting to talk about. I got a puppy. That has been the pinnacle of my excitement this summer. I haven't written anything, read anything, DONE anything to warrant a really exciting blog post. Even now, I'm writing this with absolutely no idea what my conclusion will be.

I know what you're thinking. I'm thinking it too.

Where is this going?? Why is she writing??

No clue. But I felt it necessary to post something today, seeing as today was the first day in about three months that I was INSPIRED to write something. See, for the past three months, I've written nary a thing. A few sentences here and there, a few bullet points in an outline, but overall, nada. Zilch. But today I rediscovered my love, nay, my adoration for my characters/world in Stream Pirate, and spent the better portion of the day working on the outline for the sequel.

Oh! I know where this is going now!

In honor of my rediscover-ation of Yazoo, Lu, and all things stream-piratey, I shall hold a contest! *and the crowd goes wild*

See, I changed the sequel. Entirely. No longer is it Web, and no longer is it from Arachne's POV (she blatantly refused to tell her side of the story. There's just no reasoning with pirates). It is now from a split Lu/Yazoo POV, and it is now called -- um. Yeah. That's where the contest comes in. I have absolutely no plans for a title. I need help. So I shall throw out a few of the things the sequel will be about, and whoever comes up with the zaniest/best title will win! Yay!

But, Sara, what will we win?

You will win your name being written in really BIG, BOLD, COLORFUL letters! Yay! Everyone's dream, right?

Okay, here's a few things the sequel contains:

Sediment monsters (Dirt has never been so scary.)
Under-mountain rivers (The original water roller coaster.)
Stream pirates (Lots of hot, angry, feisty stream pirates.)
Invisible trees. Evil trees. (This ain't your momma's forest.)
A conniving former-lord (The coup, part deux.)
Marriage, interrupted (Sometimes those ceremonies are just too stinkin' long.)
Big, climatic battles (um, duh.)

Okay, hit me with your best titles! They don't have to be serious. In fact, they'd better not be. I can't very well tack a serious title onto a book about evil trees.

EDIT: Sorry; character explanation here.


Mariah Irvin said...

Hmm...I think I might do better if I knew who Lu and Yazoo were.

sraasch said...

Sorry! Character explanation link up now :)

Natalie said...

Woot! Sounds lovely. I have no titles, I'm just writing to say I'm happy to see a post. I miss you.

K. M. Walton said...

Of course we have the obvious:
A Stream Runs Through It

The Fan Family Chronicles

Trees Gone Wild

Dirt + Water = Mud...and adventure

sraasch said...

Haha, KM! I might have to use the first one, at least as a line of dialogue somewhere in the manuscript. Too clever!

Mariah Irvin said...


Anyways, I like something with the word "deep" in it, because it explains the underwater rivers and the sediment monsters. I'm not sure how to word it though.

"Deep Sediments"

Ha ha.